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Steven Kitzke

Steve has been fortunate to have some great mentors throughout his 26-year career within the consulting engineering industry. Some were proactive in helping him learn the technical aspect of federal and state regulations and how they apply to certain projects, while others taught by example as they exhibited good core values and hard work. Working for private and public sector clients as well for small and large firms has provided him valuable insight as to the positive relationship between client and firm. His approach with employees as well as clients has been to listen and understand their needs first.

Steve currently acts as Operations Director for Partner’s technical and business development services. He brings a strong focus to attaining a higher level of achievement with respect to leading regional and national operations, managing national account programs and developing successful technical and client-focused operations. He has worked extensively in the public/governmental sector for such entities as United States Postal Service (USPS), United States Department of Environmental Protection (EPA) and United States Department of Defense (DOD). He has also developed deep relations with private sector clients such as lending institutions, developers, brokers and equity property owners in assisting them with their commercial real estate due diligence needs.


EPA Accredited Asbestos Inspector
Accredited Asbestos Building Inspector in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa


B.S., in Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin