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Affordable Housing Project in Baltimore

Freddie Mac Lender & Syndicator Co-Engage Partner for PCA, Construction Risk Management

Project Location 
Baltimore, MD
Freddie Mac Lender, CRE Syndicator
Completion Date 
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Construction Value 
$11.4 Million
Project Leads 
Affordable Housing in Baltimore, MD
Affordable Housing in Baltimore, MD
Affordable Housing in Baltimore, MD

About the Project

Partner provided a property condition assessment (PCA) and construction risk management services for a Freddie Mac affordable housing lender and a commercial real estate syndicator on the rehab of 94 single-family residences that comprise a scattered-site, affordable housing portfolio in Baltimore, Maryland. The $11.4 million project includes extensive interior upgrades at each residence along with exterior façade improvements as required.  By co-engaging Partner, the lender and syndicator were able to share costs and maximize the value of each report.

Because of the size and distribution of the portfolio, Partner deployed teams of assessors to visit sites concurrently in order to complete the PCA by our clients’ schedule. The data provided from each site visit was then aggregated and delivered as a single report for ease of use.

Construction risk management services for this project includes a pre-construction Analysis report (inclusive of Property Condition Assessments and Document and Cost Reviews), ongoing construction monitoring, and post-construction reports. All reports, including the PCA, have met or will meet Freddie Mac guidelines. 

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