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Nationwide Multi-Disciplinary Services for Carvana Portfolio

Nationwide Multi-Disciplinary Services for Carvana Portfolio

About the Project

Carvana is a publicly-traded used car dealer and financing company. It’s known for its signature fully automated car vending machine nationwide.

Since 2017, Partner has supported Carvana’s real estate portfolio expansion including existing facilities and new development. To date, Partner has performed on 49 sites in 21 states. The services delivered include seismic assessment, asbestos screening, lead paint inspection and risk assessment, Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessment, property condition assessment, geotechnical services, land survey, soil management, and site mitigation solutions.

For Carvana’s other real estate portfolio, Cambria, Partner’s geotechnical services included geotechnical evaluations and field inspections for 15 new hotel locations, from roughly 4 to 6 stories above grade structures in nine states. Scopes include an auger, mud rotary, percussion hammer techniques, infiltration testing, and setting of monitoring wells for dewatering planning. Partner has provided recommendations for dewatering, shoring, basements, retaining walls, spread, mat, and deep foundations, including auger-cast piles, drilled shafts, and aggregate piers.

Providing multi-disciplinary services to such a large geographic area is not a small feat. Partner’s experienced technical relationship managers are an integral part of this process. They act as a trusted consultant and a single point of portfolio contact who integrates technical and client knowledge by mobilizing staff nationwide to implement customized solutions efficiently and effectively.

When asked why Carvana continues to use Partner as its preferred environmental solution consultant, Ms. Jo Ryan, Manager of Real Estate said, “The team of professionals at Partner has been accommodating and responsive to our needs. They are team players who are invested in each project and a joy to work with.”

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