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Economic Concerns Trigger Shift Towards Asset Management Strategies

A slower pace allows time to reprioritize and devote resources

The third quarter of 2022 is feeling sluggish for many of us in the commercial real estate industry. Rising interest rates and inflation have slowed the breakneck pace of the post-COVID recovery. Despite the threat of recession, we are confident that the abundance of capital awaiting deployment into real estate will bolster the CRE market through a slowdown, and as more folks return to office environments, traditional shopping, and entertainment venues, occupancy rates and rental income will stabilize.

While no one likes a downturn, after the frenzy of the last market, it’s almost a relief to have a moment to re-evaluate. A slower pace affords us time to reprioritize and devote resources to initiatives that may have been back-burnered over the past couple of years. 

In this article, Partner CEO Joe Derhate, PE, discusses some of the trends clients are focused on during the slowdown period.