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What Lies Beneath The Surface: What Kind of Asbestos Survey Do You Need?

Determining if there is asbestos in your building before renovations or demolition is essential.

The extreme durability and fire and chemical resistance of asbestos made it a popular building material in the 1900s. While it is still used today in limited amounts, we now know that the microscopic fibers that made asbestos so durable can easily become airborne and pose a threat to public health and safety. Today, we recognize asbestos as a human carcinogen and, in addition, it is the culprit of a variety of other lung, chest and abdomen illnesses. Although the dangers of asbestos are widely known, it is still found in limited use in construction currently.

As a result, current Federal as well as sate and/or city regulations requires an asbestos survey to be conducted before renovation or demolition of any building, regardless of year of construction. This measure ensures that if asbestos is present it is not released into the environment where it can cause potential harm to humans. In fact, many building agencies will not even issue permits prior to conducting and receiving the results of the asbestos survey. An asbestos survey is an important, necessary measure for any real estate renovation.

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