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US Peak Ground Acceleration Seismic Map

(10% in 50 years exceedance)

US Peak Ground Acceleration Seismic Map

US UBC 1997 Seismic Zone Map

Map showing peak ground acceleration for 10-percent probability of exceedance in 50 years and VS30 site condition of 760 meters per second. 2014 version of the national seismic hazard map.

The national seismic hazard maps for the conterminous United States have been updated to account for new methods, models, and data that have been obtained since the 2008 maps were released (Petersen and others, 2008). The input models are improved from those implemented in 2008 by using new ground motion models that have incorporated about twice as many earthquake strong ground shaking data and by incorporating many additional scientific studies that indicate broader ranges of earthquake source and ground motion models.

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