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Leveraging Remedial Cost Estimates for Better Deal Certainty

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A Remedial Cost Estimate (RCE) is a helpful step in many property transactions or litigation matters. RCEs are an important tool for planning and budgeting, establishing reserves, evaluating property acquisitions, financing of your real estate deals, and/or supporting settlement negotiations. Suzi Rosen, PG, CHg (Managing Director - Environmental Solutions Group); Robert Traylor, PG, CHg (National Technical Director, Environmental Solutions Group); and Wes Skinner, CHMM (Principal and Relationship Manager) will discuss topics such as:

  • What is a Remedial Cost Estimate (RCE)?
  • When, Why, and Who Needs an RCE?
  • Partner’s Unique Approach to RCEs
  • Real Life Case Studies demonstrating the value of RCEs

On this webinar recording,  we discuss how an RCE could potentially reduce your risk, protect your budget, give you better deal certainty, and/or help the settlement process.


Suzi Rosen, PG, Chg - Managing Director - Environmental Solutions Group

Wes Skinner, CHMM - Principal

Robert Traylor, PG, Chg - Technical Director - Site Mitigation