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Building Envelope Solutions

Partner’s Building Envelope Consulting team consists of experts in roofing, waterproofing, and façade system experts equipped with state-of-the-art testing methods to assess building envelope performance. Our unparalleled geographic coverage and deep bench of registered roof consultants, architects, engineers, and qualified specialists allow us to deliver consistent, scalable solutions for your entire portfolio. From pre-acquisition inspections to cost-saving asset management programs, to replacement design and oversight, our team can add value through all phases of the building envelope life cycle, including:

Roof Evaluations and Due Diligence Assessments

Pre-transactional assessments can provide a realistic picture of the current condition of the roof and related waterproofing envelope as well as project the remaining useful roof life. Partner’s building envelope team has the technology and qualifications to assess any building.

Roof Management Program

Partner’s Roof Management Program (RMP) provides superior evaluation, reporting, maintenance, and capital planning support under one annual fee. Extend the life of your roofs and protect your warranties with our innovative program that minimizes reactive spending and provides the data you need to make strategic repair and replacement decisions. RMP allows owners to accurately budget for roof maintenance, control the timing of roof replacement and repair, and maintain a documented history of roof inspection and maintenance for use in warranty claims and disposition negotiations. Applied programmatically, the program can save portfolio owners millions in emergency repairs, unpredicted capital expenses, and disrupted operations.


Roof Management

Actual savings on roof expenses of a 50-property portfolio over four years of RMP​


Planning, Design, and Construction Administration

For new construction or replacement, leverage our experienced team to identify the best roof and building envelope systems, pricing, and installation—and to ensure installation is executed to plan.

The most common cause of roof failure is improper installation. Partner offers periodic construction inspections by qualified roofing experts who can identify installation problems or discrepancies as they occur. Construction inspection reports summarize the inspector's observations and conversations with contractors and manufacturers. A final walk-through inspection with all interested parties will be held at the completion of the project.

Expert Witness Services

Partner's Roofing Consultants provide expert opinions based on actual data obtained over 28 years, on thousands of roofs and millions of square feet of roofing.

Our consultants have the expertise and experience to distinguish between the technique and the technical practices of the roofing industry and variations due to the area of the state or region of the country.