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Cogeneration Services

Combined heat and power (CHP), also sometimes known as cogeneration, cogen or tri-generation, is the simultaneous generation of heat and electricity from a single fuel source. Combined heat and power is a greener, high-efficiency option that is available for some buildings. Partner’s fully-integrated range of services makes us uniquely qualified to provide concept-to-completion leadership for your CHP projects.

Our expert staff of consultants and engineers works closely with you to develop your project, integrating CHP technologies into your facilities; managing energy commodity price risks; finding and structuring the financial resources; and designing, permitting and managing the construction. Our end goal is to reduce your energy costs, reduce the impact to the environment, and provide a reliable and steady energy supply.

  • Feasibility studies and concept development
  • Financial sourcing and structuring
  • Attainment of grants and various incentives to defray initial capital investment
  • Development and negotiation of critical project contracts and agreements including:
  • Fuel Supply Agreements
  • Power Purchase (or Sale) Agreements
  • Thermal Purchase (or Sale) Agreements
  • Contract Operating Agreements
  • Contract Maintenance Agreements
  • Investor and Lender Agreements
  • Utility/ISO Interconnect and Standby Agreements
  • Third Party Owner (TPO) RFP development and selection
  • Land, air and water permitting
  • Design and engineering, including:
  • Prime Mover Performance evaluation
  • Site layout for building and outside equipment including building layout for facilities and equipment
  • Preparation of building bid and construction documents
  • Determining Utility interconnect requirements and prepare initial submittals
  • Designing the electrical protective relaying, grounding, and interconnect in accordance with Utility requirements and applicable codes and standards
  • Designing the mechanical and electrical instrumentation and auxiliary systems that are necessary for a complete, operating power generation system
  • Designing the heat recovery system and interconnection with the existing thermal system
  • Mechanical and Electrical engineering associated with the interfaces required for vendor supplied equipment
  • Designing computer control systems, write programs for the process control, alarms, safety shutdowns and generate graphics for operator interface
  • Design PLC based, data acquisition systems
  • Prepare specifications for equipment vendor quotes
  • Prepare drawings and specifications for electrical and mechanical contractor bids and installation
  • Provide project management services, scheduling, field supervision, startup and verification of system installation in accordance with design documents
  • Negotiate utility interconnect agreements
  • Substation and utility interconnect design, Supervision of installation and testing of electric utility protective system and final energizing of the interconnect
  • Verification of ground potential rise to comply with utility protection requirements
  • Procurement assistance for equipment and services
  • Construction administration
  • Commissioning plan development and execution
  • Post-construction measurement and verification of project performance