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An intensive quality assurance and optimization process to achieve lowered energy usage and operating costs

Why do commissioning?

Commissioning (Cx) is an intensive building systems quality assurance process that begins during design and continues through the construction, occupancy, and operation of new buildings. It includes an assessment of a building’s subsystems and equipment to verify that they operate initially as the owner intended.

Partner’s certified energy consultants are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive an unbiased, objective assessment of the building system’s installations, operation, and performance.

Our full-service energy team works with Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) teams, building owners, managers, and occupants to identify, finance, and implement energy efficiency projects that meet their sustainability goals and satisfy their capital investment return criteria.

Why do commissioning?

Commissioning minimizes energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions by ensuring that building systems will function properly and operate at their peak efficiency. An increasing number of State laws, including California’s CALGreen code, now require commissioning for larger new non-residential projects. Commissioning is also required for LEED certification.
Partner’s commissioning process will deliver an assurance that the mechanical systems have been installed according to the contract documents and that they will operate within the energy-efficient guidelines set out in the owner’s project requirements. We will also ensure that building staff are prepared to operate and maintain systems and equipment.

Who can do commissioning?

The Commissioning Authority (CxA) for a project can be a representative of the owner, a team member of the architect, engineer or General Contractor. For projects over 50,000 square feet, the CxA must not have other project responsibilities.

An independent consultant contracted to the owner is always an option, regardless of project size, and may bring more value. Independent consultants offer better objectivity and a different perspective than someone associated with the design team.

Partner’s Commissioning Approach

Partner’s energy professionals will perform the commissioning process in collaboration with the owner, as well as with the design and construction teams of a building. As the Commissioning Authority Partner will manage the following tasks:

  • Functional Performance Test Procedures
  • Systems Manual Documentation and Operator Training
  • Commissioning Report

Commissioning Agent Certifications

Certifications of Partner’s Commissioning staff include Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) and Commercial Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP).