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District Energy

District energy provides hot water, chilled water, or steam to multiple facilities via pipes near a central plant to use in space and water heating or cooling. District energy can substantially lower electricity costs while providing greater energy reliability and efficiency for a facility. Partner provides fully-integrated services encompassing every aspect of designing, implementing, and assessing such systems. Our experienced consultants and engineers help clients not only by providing a plan for district energy access, but by working with our clients to determine if it is the appropriate solution for the unique needs of a given a property.

District Heating

District heating networks can generally work with most individual building HVAC systems to provide cost and energy efficient thermal power via:

  • Solar-thermal Panels
  • Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal or Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Co-generation (CHP systems)

District Cooling

District cooling is the production and distribution of cooling energy at a plant-primarily through chilled water piped into a nearby building for usage as air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It can be run with electricity or natural gas and use regular or sea water.