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Environmental Construction

Partner Provides Environmental and Engineering Consulting Services.

I- Construction Risk Management

II- Demolition Product reuse

III- Brownfields Redevelopment

IV- UST removal / installation / monitoring / modification

V- Emergency power generation system installation

VI- System / facilities decommissioning / closure

VII- Line tracing / video inspection / dye tracing / smoke tracing / pipe re-lining

VIII- Detention / Retention Basin inspection / sampling / dredging / lining / liner replacement

IX- Industrial Wastewater system repair / modification / decommissioning

X- Quality assurance / quality control

XI- Vapor barrier / mitigation systems design / construction

XII- Perimeter air monitoring

XIII- Landfill closure monitoring

XIV- Wetlands re-construction

XV- Stream bank stabilization

XVI- Marina maintenance dredging

XVII- Constructed Pond Repair / restoration

XVIII- Repurpose properties

XIX- Renewable energy