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Limited Environmental Due Diligence Products

Providing a range of products to meet all clients' risk profiles and business goals.

While the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is clearly the standard for environmental due diligence, many lenders have come to rely on limited products as business decision tools. These limited products are often used for low risk assets or low dollar transactions. Partner has a wide variety of products that will help our clients achieve their goals and understand environmental risk.

Environmental Transaction Screen

Environmental Transaction Screens (ETS) are the most widely accepted limited product and are typically done to meet the requirements of ASTM 1528-06 Standard Practice for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Process.

Limited Environmental Site Assessment

The scope and price of a Limited Environmental Site Assessment (LESA) is between the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and the Environmental Transaction Screen. The scope is usually customized, designed to meet the lender's specific requirements.

Environmental Historical Report

This very economical report provides great value for low risk asset types. The Environmental Historical Report accesses many of the same historical resources as in a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to assure the lender or investor that the site has always been low risk.

Environmental Database

Partner orders a database report and reviews the report for the lender. Our client's can take advantage of our purchasing power on the database product and save time by having an environmental professional review the database.

Custom Products

Partner is capable of designing any scope that a client needs to address their specific concerns.