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New Jersey Right to Know Inventory

Part of the NJ Right to Know compliance process is taking a physical inventory of all products/chemicals found on-site. Partner’s Health & Safety professionals have experience conducting all aspects of these inventories and preparing that information to be submitted in a Right to Know survey.

New Jersey Right to Know Inventory

Partner will conduct a physical inventory of all applicable locations in order to catalog product/chemical name of identifiable substances, the type of container used to store the substance, the amount of substance found on-site, the chemical state (solid, liquid, or gas) of the substance, the manufacturer and/or supplier name and address, and the type of label on the substance.

The inventory process serves as the basis for all Right to Know compliance activities and provides:

  • Data for computer input
  • Data for the Right-to-Know Survey
  • Names and addresses of manufacturers and suppliers of substances for which SDS/MSDS must be acquired
  • A rational, defensible definition of the population of "exposed" or "potentially exposed" workers
  • Specific chemicals and classes of chemicals which must be covered in training
  • A listing of all chemicals that are outdated or whose containers are in poor condition

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